"Magically Malicious" Tee

"Magically Malicious" Tee

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Born from the twisted experiments of evil corporations, a creature stitched together from the remains of beloved American brand mascots, broke free from its corporate captors. With a limping gait and the haunting echoes of familiar jingles, it roamed the city streets, seeking revenge against the very entities that had exploited its once-cheerful components. In its wake was left a trail of destruction, an undead force striking back against the commercial chains that had once bound it.



  • 100% airlume combed and ringspun cotton
  • Jumbo Print
  • Vivid colors
  • DTF Print technique - economical consciousness of DTG/Print on Demand combined with the jumbo prints and vivid colors of screen printing
  • Price includes shipping cost

In order remain as economically and environmentally friendly, this item is made on demand. Usually, this product will be made in a week or less. Tracking information will be sent as soon as it's available.

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